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Truscend Exquisite Shape Pre-Rigged Soft Swimbaits 5PCs Segmented Fishing Lures

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$18.99 - $20.99
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Size: 2.8in/7cm

Truscend 2022 Exclusive Innovative Design Pre-rigged Fishing Lures

Color C1-3.5"-0.6oz
Brand Truscend
Target Species Bass, Trout

  • Exquisite Shape - Carefully researched and developed over years by Truscend, the Truscend takes soft bait fishing into a new dimension. Not only have the soft plastics construction, but also features exposed 3D fins, molded gills, and a soft tail that creates a subtle secondary action for an added level of realism. Finished with a highly detailed custom paint job, the Truscend bait beast provides performance and a lifelike presentation that is unmatched by any other glide bait. 
  • Diverse Experience - The Truscend bait beast features a small hanger underneath the chin that allows for the attachment of a blade or stinger hook, which is giving anglers the option to customize their presentation. To increase your hook-up and landing ratios, it comes pre-rigged with two premium ultra-sharp hooks with the front hook held into the chin by a durable ring insert to ensure you catch more of those short striking fish.
  • Special Spinner Blade - Its single blade makes it one of the most vibrating swimmers around, giving off a tremendous thumping action, which makes it easy for fish to locate, even with little or no visibility. The shovel inserted under the belly stimulate the attack of the fishes further away thanks to the high-frequency vibrations.
  • Tantalizing Swimming Action - The Truscend bait beast's segmented body and paddle tail provide more realistic swimming action than traditional soft plastic minnow imitations Molded with an anatomically correct profile, which produces a very subtle quivering action that fish can’t resist. Perfectly balanced and tuned for any retrieve speed, the Truscend bait beast will not roll over so that anglers can slowly glide it, use faster swimming retrieve, or burn it up shallow.